Assemblymember Steck’s Statement on A6943

The settler movement has been a disaster for the prospect of peace and security for the State of Israel. Provocative attacks on Palestinians accomplish nothing and simply incite more violence.The same is true of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad rocket attacks. None of these organizations are in the slightest bit progressive and are feudal in their mentality. Religious extremism on either side must be opposed in all its forms. That is why so many Israelis, including members of my own family, are in the streets protesting the current government of Israel.

Similarly, calling Israelis colonialist or claiming that they are engaged in “white supremacy” is contrary to reality. Unlike Europeans who colonized Africa, for example, the Jewish people originated in Israel and have a profound historical connection to that place. Further, over 50% of the population of Israel is non-white. Those Israelis left foreign lands because of the profound discrimination they faced in their home countries.

I agree with my colleagues calling for the withdrawal of Assembly bill A6943 as it perpetuates hostility rather than furthering the cause of peace.