Assemblymember Steck’s Statement Condemning Terrorism in Israel

To quote Senator Bernie Sanders: “I absolutely condemn the horrifying attack on Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. There is no justification for this violence, and innocent people on both sides will suffer hugely because of it. It must end now.” 

When I was last in Tel Aviv, I saw a man clearly non-religious, wearing a T-shirt with the Star of David that said underneath “Never Surrender.” Secular Israel will prevail over feudal barbarism.Jews praying at Al Aksa Mosque is not a justification for war.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have demonstrated they do not care for the welfare of Palestinian Arabs. They spread a thuggish feudal Islamic dictatorship everywhere they gain power.

The security and defense of Israel must be paramount. And that means reconsidering resources spent defending untenable settlements in the West Bank. Judea and Samaria existed at the time of the Bible. They do not exist now.

I wish Israel a successful and speedy recovery from this massive terrorist attack. I hope that the next Israeli government will be a more unifying one for the country.