Assemblymember Steck: New Law Supports Emergency Organ Transportation, Helps Save Lives

“Transporting organs in emergency situations is a vital part of our health care system and every second counts during these emergencies. It’s critical that we do everything we can to help promote safe, timely organ transplantation for the more than 8,500 New Yorkers who are on the national transplant waitlist.[1] That’s why I co-sponsored and helped pass legislation to add human organ delivery vehicles to the list of authorized emergency vehicles, which was signed into law by the governor on Monday (Ch. 496 of 2021).

“Under prior law, only ambulances were permitted to provide emergency organ transportation. While this might seem appropriate, the reality is ambulances are not always available to provide this critical service and lifesaving medical treatment shouldn’t be put on hold because of an outdated statute. As we approach National First Responders Day (Oct. 28), this law helps ensure our state recognizes all of our heroes who provide critical services, protect the public and serve our communities with honor and distinction.

“I’ll continue working with my Assembly colleagues to support frontline heroes and advance legislation that promotes public safety and wellness.”