State Budget Nearly One Month Late

A Statement by Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo (R,C-Staten Island)

“Today, with the state budget now 26 days past due, I joined my colleagues in the Senate and the Assembly Minority Conferences to share the concerns of our constituents that the governor and the Majority lawmakers have not been able to get an agreement finalized. Furthermore, it appears they will be pushing to have this budget passed by an emergency message of necessity instead of allowing the bills to age as the legislative process intends. That process provides the public with three days to review and vet the hundreds of pages of policies and billions of dollars in taxpayer dollars this budget will spend.

“For a governor who pledged to change how business was done in Albany and to make our government more transparent, this is one of the latest and least transparent budgets in history. We encourage the governor to keep her word, not issue messages of necessity and allow the New Yorkers who are paying for this budget the time to read it over. That’s democracy, and as the top Majority lawmaker in our state, she should know better. This is dysfunction at its finest.