Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo Responds as Biden’s Migrant Crisis Hits Staten Island

I was notified by the Mayor’s Office that the abandoned Hungerford school on Tompkins Avenue is being prepared to receive up to 300 single migrants from the Southern Border.

This entire migrant crisis is self-inflicted. Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty in abandoning our Southern Border is actively encouraging hundreds of thousands of unvetted migrants to move into our backyards – at your expense. This is worsened by Mayor Adams picking up exactly where the failed Bill de Blasio administration left off, by constantly selling New York City as a sanctuary city. The warehousing of human beings for profit needs to be stopped and our borders need to be closed.

When I visited the site, I was able to walk in unchecked. Below are images of what I saw, and I am positive you can agree, it is disturbing. Equally as disturbing, is what I was told by employees of the NYC Office of Emergency Management.

The gymnasium has over seventy cots that you can barely walk in between. The second-floor classrooms are being prepared to house even more illegal migrants.

The lack of transparency surrounding this site and so many around the city, has been astounding. When speaking to staff at the site it was clear no one knew what was going to unfold. Absolutely no specific answers were given as to whether the shelter will house men, women, or children.

There was no security present, nor is there any to be expected. I was told medical services are being provided through a third-party contractor, possibly Medrite Urgent Care. The question begs to be asked, is this the same company that was sued by New York State?Is this the same company that was recently discharged from a contract for allegedly mismanaging $5 million? We just don’t know.

It is my belief that no one cares about these people, just the dollar signs they represent. We are spending money that should be used on our own homeless like Jordan Neely, our homeless Veterans, and our senior citizens. The list of Americans who need the services and resources that are being used on illegal migrants is far too long for this to be allowed to continue.

This situation needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.