Pirozzolo Appointed to Joint Budget Conference Committee on Economic Development

Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo (R, C-Staten Island) was appointed to the Joint Budget Conference Committee on Economic Development. Although a freshman member, Pirozzolo was appointed to advocate for business and industry in the final budget. The appointment comes due to Pirozzolo’s decades of business experience.

Pirozzolo advocated for the state to increase its support for small businesses. The hard work of small business owners and its workers is the backbone of many communities in New York.

“Mom-and-pop shops need to receive more help as well as more incentives to promote their success and keep them afloat. The economic opportunities small businesses offer our friends and families benefit everyone in our communities. The Majority’s continuous support for big corporations that take their money out of state will only keep hurting our economy until something is done about it.”

The increased number of illegal marijuana shops across the state was another issue he raised. Continuing to allow these potentially dangerous shops to operate will put communities at further risk.

“I am opposed to any type of cannabis sale and believe that our state should not be profiting off the vices of its citizens. Additionally, the failure to prevent underage people from drinking or smoking will only continue when it comes to marijuana use. This is especially urgent considering the vast amount of unlicensed cannabis shops that expose our communities to untested products potentially laced with Fentanyl.” said Pirozzolo.