Pirozzolo Proposes Bill to Reform Legislative Terms

Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo (R,C-Staten Island) has unveiled a groundbreaking bill aimed at reforming legislative terms in New York state. Sponsored by Pirozzolo, A.10108 proposes an amendment to section 2 of article 3 of the New York state constitution seeking to extend the terms of members of the Senate and Assembly to six years, while limiting them to only three terms.

The rising costs of running elections in the U.S. pose a significant burden to taxpayers, with expenses escalating due to increased campaign spending and the need to maintain and upgrade election infrastructure. These expenses immediately affect taxpayers and put pressure on the state's finances. Taxpayers are additionally burdened by hidden expenses related to badly managed elections. It is imperative to understand and tackle these monetary requirements while taking into account the influence on taxpayers, guaranteeing election financing is administered effectively and fairly. We can strengthen our democracy and reduce the financial strain on taxpayers by maintaining voter rights and making investments in our electoral infrastructure.

The proposed bill aims to provide legislators with longer terms, allowing them to delve deeply into complex issues and focus on long-term projects. With fewer elections held due to longer terms, candidates would spend less time and fewer resources on fundraising and campaigning activities. They could dedicate more time to engaging directly with constituents and focusing on their legislative duties. This shift could lead to a more efficient allocation of resources, allowing elected officials to prioritize the needs of their constituents over the demands of campaign financing.

“As taxpayers shoulder the growing burden of election costs, it's imperative we prioritize transparency, efficiency and fairness in our electoral process. Every dollar spent on elections should be a dollar invested wisely, ensuring our democracy remains accessible and accountable to all. We must work tirelessly to safeguard the integrity of our electoral system while being mindful of the financial impact on hardworking taxpayers,” said Pirozzolo.