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Keeping Onondaga County Families Warm This Winter

As we enter the cooler autumn months, it’s important to recognize the difficult winter ahead of us. The costs of home heating are rising – and it’s vital that the state do all it can to ensure our residents are able to heat their homes....

Working to Improve the Quality of Life for Central New York Seniors

Keeping Children Safe This School Year

While many New York families make last-minute back-to-school preparations, they can rest assured that the Assembly worked this year to pass important legislation ensuring children return to a safe, responsible learning environment. Earlier this session,...

Magnarelli: Research and innovation legislation will position New York for success

August is National Inventors Month. As we recognize the bright minds that continually strive to better and advance our way of life, it’s important to bear in mind the obstacles these trailblazers face on their path to innovation. A successfully realized...