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Photo as described in caption Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I-Glen Head) attended a rally to repeal bail reform at the State Capitol on Tuesday, February 4 with law enforcement officials, Assembly colleagues and state senator Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,Ref-Glen Head) and the Assembly Minority Conference held a press conference Tuesday, January 23,on Preventing Domestic Violence. Assemblyman Michael Montesano, Assemblywoman Melissa Miller, Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino, Assemblyman Brian Curran and Assemblyman Ed Ra at a forum on proposed regulations for title closers. Assemblyman Michael Montesano joined bipartisan members of the Legislature, highway superintendents and road workers to rally at the Capitol for increasing Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improv

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Montesano Supports Removing Mask Mandate for Minors

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT-Glen Head) is joining his colleagues in the Assembly to support legislation to prohibit state agencies from requiring children under 18 to wear a mask if they are asymptomatic.“With positivity rates as low...

Montesano Pushes to Remove Disaster Emergency Declaration

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT-Glen Head) joined his Assembly and Senate colleagues for a press conference Monday, June 7, calling for the termination of the disaster emergency status that is still declared in New York. Both the Assembly Minority...

Montesano Passes Legislation to Help Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Workers

“The passing of this legislation is a big thank you to the volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers who have served well past 40 years. This will now allow those who have exceeded the 40 year maximum to continue to participate in the Length...

Montesano Speaks Out against New Mandate Requiring 2-Year-Olds to Wear Masks

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT-Glen Head) is calling for New York’s Department of Health (DOH) to return to the previous guidance that did not require children younger than kindergarten-age to wear a mask by signing onto a letter with...

Montesano Passes Legislation to Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Boats

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT-Glen Head) is pleased to announce the passage of a bill (A.05565) he co-sponsored to require functioning marine carbon monoxide detectors on boats which have enclosed accommodation compartments or those that have...

Montesano Passes Safe Staffing in New York

Assemblyman Michael Montesano (R,C,I,LBT-Glen Head) is pleased to announce the Assembly has passed safe staffing laws for both hospitals (A.108) and nursing homes (A.7119) to ensure both types of facilities have adequate staffing for the safety of patients,...
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